I love solving problems. I love trying out new technologies to solve those problems. I am a quick learner, I am not afraid to ask questions, and try out new tech.

I have excellent problem solving, and trouble shooting skills.

Here is an abridged history of the work and projects I have done.

PHP – In 1999 I started to dabble with PHP for one main reason. A high school friend of mine had a few ideas for web applications and we wanted to see what that was all about. I would venture to other technologies along the way, but this has pretty much been my specialty the last 10 or so years.

MySQL – When I started working in PHP,  databases where the reason I did it, so MySQL was just naturnal to learn. Still feel pretty good about my MySQL abilities even thou I found myself writing less complex queries in the last few years.

C++ – Started learning C++ around 1998-1999. It’s speed compared to VB blew my mind especially in file io operations. I would use C++ through out the years randomly whenever I needed it.


I have used javascript, prototype and jQuery very heavily in my early projects. More recently my time as been spent verifying other’s code as I have often worked with dedicated js developers.


Yes I code HTML and CSS, but I don’t necessarily like to.


I have worked with Node.js in a project manager/designer role. I have programmed javascript in the past, I just never had the need to focus purely on node.js

Visual Basic

Not counting BASIC this was my first dive into programming. Barnes&Nobles programming section was then my second home then. I spent most of my time writing simple tools for AOL.  Haven’t used much VB in the last 10 years.


I have worked with 3D since around 2002 when 3D Studio MAX 5 was released.  At that time I I stared doing archviz for my an architect I was working for at the time. I started with 3D Studio MAX, and jumped into Maya for a bit when working with UT2004. I mostly stopped using 3D Studio MAX after teaching the summer course, mainly because I didn’t have any spare time. I moved on to Blender a few years later when quick renders where required. At that point I spent so little time in 3D I couldn’t justify the costs of 3D Studio.

Full Stack PHP Developer

Give me an idea, and I can build it from scratch, setup a dev and production environment. I have worked with both Linux cli and windows servers since pretty much day 1.

Modding Community

Since it’s release, I was a part of the Rainbow Six Rogue Spear modding community. I was a contributing writer for GameSpy’s Planet Rainbow Six from 1999 to 2001 (before they were bought out by IGN). I wrote a few tutorials for the Rogue Spear map editor that was released, and created the first single player mod for Rogue Spear. After leaving PlanetRainbox6, I ran moddingcentral.com which served as a mod database, resource and news source for Rogue Spear. I wrote dozens of tutorials and various tools aiding Rogue Spear modding.

Project – QOB Model Viewer (2000)

C++ OpenGL application used to preview 3D models from the Tom Clancy’s Rogue Spear. The game used a native QOB format that honestly by today’s standards took people in the community way to long to decode.  I was hoping to eventually port it to DirectX to learn it, but I couldnt get it to work and then I got side tracked.

Project – Rogue Spear QOB importer for Milkshape3D (2002)

C++ DLL plugin for the Milkshape3D application. Allowed users to import the Rogue Spear QOB 3D model file format.

Project – StreetParker (2005)

Developer on a C++ OpenCV image recognition + PHP project. The project allowed a preregistered user to get an SMS on whether there is parking available in the preselected areas. The project involved using web cams, OpenCV image recognition trained to spot cars, and a PHP backend/frontend website. Project was conceived by Amado Batour, and I was responsible for the technical system design and programming.

Project – Smart Recognition System (2006)

After working with OpenCV the year before, I decided to use it for my senior university project. After some brain storming, SRS was born. In the end there was a laptop, a usb GPS unit, a USB webcam, and a  USB connected cellphone. On the latop was a C++ program that recognized license plates (it couldn’t distinguish states), logged the GPS location, and then sent it to a central server in (almost) real-time. I was very proud of this project, and really wish I still had the source code to it.

Project – “TSP” Unreal Engine 3D game (2005)

Created a third person Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) game as part of a university course. The game was a zombie survival game set in a post-apocalyptic urban landscape. Responsibilities included character modelling and programming. Programming in C++ & UnrealScript.

Project – Class IO (2007)

Developed an Interactive real-time classroom environment system. Using a Flash coded UI and a AMFPHP coded backend the students would send real time feedback to the instructor. Project was conceived and designed by Amado Batour. I was responsible for implementation and programming.

Instructor – STEP Program (QUAKE2 dev workshop) 2006 – 2007

Instructor for NJIT’s STEP  Program for High School students in Fall 2006 and Spring 2007 semesters. Students where introduced to the world of game development by mastering BSP level design.

Instructor – 3D Studio Max Summer 2006 Workshop

6 week summer course for students aged 12 to 17 that taught everything from basic 3D concepts, modelling techniques, materials, lighting, camera, rendering and animation.

Instructor – DigiPen Summer 2005 Workshop

Summer course for Junior HS students that served as an intro to game development and programming. Students used a scripting language powered by C++ to create their own side scroller games.


Yes, I used it. and SVN still sometimes too.


I’ve used both, and will probably continue to use both depending on scenario. I have used and everything from CSS, JS to image processing.


Did my first commercial e-commerce project in 2003. osCommerce was definetly a big deal then. Worked on about 3 or 4 osCommerce sites, some where more like online cataloges, but most used the paypal gateway at that point. Most of the work then was related to changing the look/theme and basic functionality as osCommerce had very poor contemplating support.

Medical Research Data Analysis Platform

Developed and mainted a data analysis platform for the medical research field for 4 years. Platform was used for data analysis with databases spanning up to 100+ million records. The platform ouput specific and truncated results, and was used by Big Pharma. PHP + MySQL + AMFPHP + soooo much more.


Started working with Magento around 2008. This was when I realized just how much osCommerce out grew my needs, as well as the clients. I’ve done major work on about 5 Magento sites, and have done countless “fixes” on countless others. I haven’t worked on anything major in Magento in a few years, and most of my experience has been with the 1.x branch.

Social Media Integrated Data Analysis Platform

Maintained and updated a social media analysis platform that integrated with Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat service. Platform was used by to determin sentiment and track data across a range of platforms. Written mainly in PHP and so many others


Have done countless work on WordPress websites. Have written quite a few proprietary plugins for clients. Have also extensively worked with WooCommerce by default 🙂


Worked on a few stores using WooCommerce around 2014. One was a digital content service with downloadable goods. Used PayPal gateway in all stores.


Worked on client specific modifications in Presta. Have never used it as a base to one of my projects.


As with Presta, I have also done extensive contract work (read: hacked and fixed and hacked per client requests) on Shoper. Haven’t never used it as a new install either.

Email Newsletter system (2006)

PostFix powered email system written in PHP  used to managed mailing lists for universities.

Relationship Management System (2010)

Designed and developed a custom online relationship management system for a large pharmaceuticals company in preparation for compliance of The Physician Payments Sunshine Act of 2010. Platform was built on a LAMP stack.

Medical Publication Analysis system (2008)

Used to analyze EMBASE and MEDLINE data. MySQL database that had well over 100+ million records. Written in PHP with MySQL, Solr and Sphinx.

eLearning platform (2012)

Developed a platform for the medical field that allowed the users to go thru a series of web courses about new emerging medical practices. (PHP)

Project – Public Relations portal with TPP (2013)

Designed and developed a fully integrated PR system that assisted in providing digital media for events covering a wide variety of industries. Target Product Profile surveys were carried out using an off the shelf solution with custom scripting. LAMP stack

Project – Real Estate CMS (2015)

Helped design a develop a CMS for major real estate developer in Poland complete with graphical search. System was to assist in the promotion and marketing on apartments for sale. (Yii2)

Online CATI System (2009)

Lead a team in the design and development of a fully featured CATi and Online surveying tool that integrates directly to internal identification systems. System was build using PHP and MySQL on a WAMP stack with additional components utilizing Flash Actionscript, JavaScript and the Flash Media Server.

Project – Event Registration System (2016)

Designer and lead developer on a proprietary event registration system. Registration works by allowing users to reserve specific seats and then pay online thru a payment gatewa. Includes admin panel with full access to event and registration data, reports, statics and etc. (Yii2)

Project – Proprietary CMS system (2016)

Designed and developed a CMS system for use with specific clients (Yii2)

Non IT Experience.

My wife an I own House of Beer, a craft bar and restaurant in Kraków, Poland. I am a home brewer who’s also had the pleasure of brewing in awesome craft breweries.


Brilliant Group, Kraków, PL – Senior Architect
JUNE 2016 – MAY 2018

Saxby Willson Limited, ​London, UK — Lead Enterprise Architect
MARCH 2013 – May 2016

MMRG, ​West Byfleet, UK — IT Consultant
APRIL 2011 – FEBRUARY 2013

Vizent Digital, ​Kraków, Poland ​— Software Architect
JULY 2008 – DECEMBER 2010

Medical Marketing Studies Inc, ​Scotch Plains, NJ ​— Lead Programmer
FEB 2005 – JULY 2008